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Trust and deforestation: a cross country comparison

This paper joins the debates about the social dimension of forestry governance by considering the link between trust and deforestation. After clarifying the theoretical link between trust and use of forest resources, we present a cross-national analysis of the rates of deforestation. The analysis finds a highly significant relationship between trust and deforestation while controlling for other theoretically relevant factors governing forest use, including democracy and economic development.


Does smoking reduce your earnings? Evidence from Russia

In this study we explore the relationship between smoking and earnings using micro-level data. We aim to aid to the related literature on the labor market effects of smoking. Data for this study was taken from the RLMS, a survey designed to monitor the effects of Russian reforms on the health and economic welfare of households and individuals.

Our study finds negative association between smoking and wages. The results are robust for a wide range of robustness checks.


The impact of human capital (cognitive skills) on renewable energy adoption: evidence from Uzbekistan using micro data.

carli-jeen-764065-unsplash (1).jpg
Does corruption affect human capital?

Evidence from IQ and schooling tests data.


Do foreign visitors reward post-comnunist countries? A panel evidence for the tourism-growth nexus.


Energy consumption and economic growth: evidence from Post-Communist states

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