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ERGO is an independent think tank devoted to conducting economic, institutional and social research with a particular focus on Uzbekistan as well as other countries of Eurasia. ERGO supports policy reforms in Uzbekistan by conducting high-quality, policy-relevant, evidence-based academic and industry research that employs cutting-edge research techniques. The research projects of the seek to address knowledge gaps and inform critical policy decisions. 


ERGO’s team conducts advanced theoretical and quantitative research on economic, socio-economic and institutional issues relating to the countries in the regions of Europe and Asia. ERGO strives to offer research that includes original policy recommendations based on primary and secondary data with the aid of rigorous theoretical frameworks.


ERGO promotes collaboration between scholars, experts, policymakers and private-sector professionals based both within the abovementioned regions and globally. Our scholars work alongside and in partnership with research institutes and universities in developed and developing countries, as well as national and international development organizations, actively promoting scientific, academic and professional cooperation. In practice, this is achieved through joint research projects, policy papers, consultancy, round table seminars and forums.


ERGO’s primary aim is to add depth, breadth and regional insights to the existing research and literature into the region, ultimately furthering the discussion about socio-economic policy within countries in Europe and Asia regions and providing an objective framework for decision-making at the macroeconomic, governmental and entrepreneurial level.

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